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     We've just started using BrixtonCarpetCleaners for our office cleaning and so far we are delighted. The company is really easy to work with, and the cleaning operative we're working with is so hardworking and professional.
Ariel Blithe19/05/2020
     This cleaning service was wonderful and cleaned our condo to move out and went above and beyond to ensure that all requirements were checked off.
Sean S.19/09/2019
     I've relied on their cleaning services many times over the years. BrixtonCarpetCleaning always do a splendid job. They've never let me down.
Ana L.08/02/2019
     We hired BrixtonCarpetCleaners to do the home cleaning for my elderly mother and they do all the cleaning and so much more - they spend time talking with her, and making sure she's OK which is such a weight off my mind. And when she had a fall recently the team took her to the hospital and waited with her until I arrived. Absolute angels.
     An office relies on many factors to run smoothly and one of those is it being clean. To keep my workplace spotless I hire Carpet Cleaners Brixton because I know they can get all the work done. They will vacuum, wash things, wipe surfaces, get rid of stains and more. With them handling the work, I am guaranteed a high level result and I know the job will be done promptly and without any problems. This is a great service and I urge any business to consider these services.
Lenard Bean31/07/2015
     I had heard good things about them locally and so I called BrixtonCarpetCleaners when my mattress was getting dirty in order to see if they would be able to clean it for me at a price I could afford. They said that they certainly could and so they sent someone to my house. They did the job really well and thoroughly and I was impressed by just how hard they worked, how polite they were and how well they were able to clean the mattress. I am now getting a great night's sleep every night on my clean mattress thanks to the great work from this cleaning company.
     My younger son recently developed a respiratory condition and I was horrified to hear the doctor diagnose it as a dust allergy that could be traced back to the cleaning standards of the house. As it turns out, simply dusting and vacuuming the carpet every now and then isn't enough to keep germs and allergens at bay. My sister recommended BrixtonCarpetCleaners for their carpet cleaning services and I gave them a ring last weekend. I just had my carpets deep cleaned and returned to me and I am absolutely impressed with the results. A definite thumbs up from my side.
Tori W.19/09/2014
     After a pretty mad birthday party last week, I remember looking around my kitchen ad thinking to myself ‘there is no way I can clean all of this up on my own'. It was lucky then that I had a little card from BrixtonCarpetCleaners, so I called up to find out more. They sent someone over the next morning, and I was amazed with the job that they had done. Everything looked brand new, even the appliances that I hadn't realized were dirty! I'm so happy with how things look and will try to keep things clean and tidy... until the next time!!
Alex Claiton04/09/2014
     As a mother of three I work hard to keep my house clean, but it's often a losing battle. There's just so much going on in our home that it's hard to keep everything in order. Thankfully, a friend recommended BrixtonCarpetCleaners and I've never looked back. Their cleaners are very friendly, and exceptional at their job. My family often makes the place look like a gale's just blown through, yet everything comes up spotless at the end of the day. It's just the complete cleaning package, and less expensive than I was expecting. I would recommend them any day of the week.
June Meyers21/08/2014
     Every now and then my house seems to turn from presentable to utter chaos. It's like everything builds up overnight and just catches me by surprise. I hired a cleaner from BrixtonCarpetCleaners and now the little messy surprises have all gone away. My cleaner comes once every two weeks and just keeps everything at bay so that nothing builds up without me noticing it. I was worried that the price would be way past what I could afford but that was never the case. Everyone should try this company at least once.
     I operate my own business and at first was able to keep on top of the general cleaning myself. But, as work as got busier I now have to hire a professional company. I contacted a firm I noticed around the area called BrixtonCarpetCleaners. All I can say is that the work the cleaners do is fantastic. They come twice a week and make a great job of my office, the reception area, bathroom and kitchen. The place now always looks neat and tidy which is great for my image. The cost is affordable and if I need more help they can always fit us in.
Cecilia Fleming12/06/2014
     After my Divorce I kind of let the house go, the general chores were put on the back burner as I couldn't bring myself to do anything during my time of depression. I heard about BrixtonCarpetCleaners and thought maybe I should try them out. Because I'd left things for such a long time I was in a situation where I didn't know where to start and I knew that I couldn't manage it alone, hiring this company was the best decision I ever made, my home looks amazing now and it's given me the lift that I needed, I'll certainly stay on top of things now but will hire them again at some point because you cannot beat what they do.
Anita J.08/05/2014
     BrixtonCarpetCleaners are amazing! Absolute lifesavers. Our student house was a complete dump and no matter how many cleaning rotas we made up, all of the lads just ignored them and every time we threw parties the house got worse and worse. One day we reached breaking point and booked a cleaner and we've never looked back. We've recommended our cleaner to all of our friends and it is so good not to have to worry about all of our cleaning. Our cleaner is so friendly, helpful and hardworking I don't know we'd do without this company. Fantastic value for money.
Ryan O'Docherty08/04/2014
     There is definitely something to be said for the extra hours you find when you hire in the pros to help with your cleaning. I'd always find myself, in the past, being the last one out, the first one who was trying to find a way to get my house clean at the expense of my social life. Nowadays, however, I've found the benefits of hiring in the best help, and they've really done their best to ensure that I never even have to worry at all about cleaning. The whole team at BrixtonCarpetCleaners have really found a way to help me.
Ronald Davis19/03/2014
     You'd be hard pushed to get a better cleaning service than BrixtonCarpetCleaners. They have been working with me for a long time now, and I have never been anything but impressed. The level of commitment that you get for the money that you pay really is quite astonishing, and I find myself wondering whether to tip them more! A great crew, and wonderful value for money!
Tina W.05/03/2014
     I have had bad luck in the past with less than average end of tenancy cleaning companies. I hired BrixtonCarpetCleaners after hearing great reviews from a friend. I needed a quick but thorough service and I couldn't give much notice. But their staff really pulled through, especially when I least expected it. They were friendly and diligent and they provided a great service for me. They knew what areas needed extra attention in my apartment and they provided the right cleaning services to ensure that all that work was done. I surely recommend them for any and all of your cleaning needs!
James B.18/02/2014
     Having been in the rental market for some years now I have come to trust and rely on the services that BrixtonCarpetCleaners provide. It started off that I employed them for an end-of-tenancy clean when I broke my arm skiing and could not clean the place myself. Ten years on and they now clean my purchased apartment on a weekly basis and I believe they now provide services for many of my friends and family. I have to warn you these guys are good, and most of all they aren't expensive. The time and hassle they have saved me over the years is worth paying for.
Sally B.30/01/2014
     Wow, what a service! BrixtonCarpetCleaners arrived at my home when expected and had no trouble at all getting to work straight away. There was no messing around, no questions to be asked, and unlike lots of other professional cleaning companies, the staff all used their initiative to clean those places that I'd forgotten to ask about! There was no direction needed and I could tell that these really are professional and experienced cleaners. This is a service that's great for your house and great for your wallet as well. 10 out of 10, will call again! Thank you!
Alex B.20/01/2014
     I'm not one for reviews, but I just had to thank BrixtonCarpetCleaners for everything they've done for me and my family! I felt like a failure when it came to house cleaning. I never had the time or the energy and it was really getting me down. I chose to bite the bullet and gave them a call and I still can't believe how great my house looks! My carpets, my walls, even my kitchen appliances have never looked better. I thought that professional cleaning wasn't for me, but I was really wrong! I love coming home to a clean house every single day.
     What a great company BrixtonCarpetCleaners are. Professional, friendly and reliable - I would recommend them to anyone, and I quite often do! Not only that they do a faultless job of everything they are asked to do. They have been cleaning my home on a weekly basis for a while now, but I have also had them clean my carpets and do a one-off spring clean. Each and every time the results are superb, and they really are rather affordable. Having employed the services of a few cleaning companies over the years, I am glad I found these guys.
J. Argyle02/12/2013

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